Dock Removal

Dock Removal Overview

What Is Dock Removal?

Dock removal is the process of disassembling or removing a boat dock from a lake, river, ocean, or other body of water.

What Problems It Solves:

There are several reasons you may need dock removal:

  • Preserving your dock for the winter, when you will not be using the dock.
  • Replacing the dock completely.
  • Repairing, replacing, or restoring wood or other material.

Images Of Dock Removal

dock with boat on the water
dock with mountain background

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Dock Removal


  • Removing your dock for Winter can preserve the life span of your dock.


  • The removal comes at a cost, whether that is your personal labor or paying a professional.

Costs Of Dock Removal

The costs of dock removal can range quite a bit depending on the size of your dock and the water depth involved.

Bid & Buying Solicitation

Get quotes from several local contractors. Ask them if and where they will store your dock.

DIY Solutions For Dock Removal

Depending on the type of dock you have and the location, DIY is entirely possible and even easy!

If you have a floating dock, it’s pretty easy to remove.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Remove A Dock In Winter?

Generally, it is advised to remove your dock in the winter – especially anywhere where temperatures will fall below freezing. Ice will cause a lot of damage to the structural integrity of your dock.