Dock Repair


Learn all there is to know about dock repair, and find a local contractor today.

Dock Repair Overview

What Is Dock Repair?

Your boat dock may be in need of repair if it has suffered from damage or simple wear and tear. A dock repair contractor can fix your dock so you can continue to enjoy being on the water safely.

What Problems It Solves:

Boat docks require regular maintenance, but even with routine care, parts may warp, wear down, or break entirely. Repairing your dock when problems arise ensures that you can continue to access the water.

Different Types Of Dock Repair

What kind of dock repair you need depends on the type of dock you have as well as the specific problems you’re facing.

Your dock may be removable (e.g., a floating dock, pipe dock, or piling dock), or it may be permanent (e.g., a crib dock or suspension dock). It may be made of wood, aluminum, concrete, steel, or plastic.

Don’t forget to check all parts of your dock for damage or disrepair. The underwater portions of your dock are often the most susceptible to wear and tear, such as:

  • Rust
  • Algae or other vegetation
  • Aquatic life (e.g., barnacles)
  • Damage from ice
  • Warping from water pressure

If you’re dealing with a wooden dock, make sure to treat your wood with a nontoxic sealant annually. You can fix small holes or imperfections in the wood with epoxy or acrylic marine putty. Don’t forget to check for any missing or damaged nails or screws.

Alternative Solutions To Dock Repair

Instead of repairing your water dock, you may decide to replace it or remove it entirely. Each of these solutions has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dock Repair vs. Dock ReplacementLess expensiveBuilds on your current investmentLess time-consumingPrevents you from switching to a different type of dock that may work better for your specific needsMay require additional repairs later on
Dock Repair vs. Dock RemovalAllows you to continue to access the waterBuilds on your current investmentMay be more expensive in the long run to maintain and repair a dock instead of simply removing it

DIY Solutions For Dock Repair

Small evidence of wear and tear on a dock can easily be repaired through DIY methods. You can often repair your dock on your own if the problems are on the surface of the dock. However, if the underwater portions of your dock are damaged, warped, or breaking down, then you may need a professional to make the repairs safely.



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